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Friday, November 17, 2017

HeLP for Hexie-aholics and Feline Friday - 11/17/17

Hello! Hello! It's one of those rare days where HeLP and Feline Friday fall on the same day!! Welcome to hexie-ologists and Z Fan Club members alike.

Momma has been very busy sewing things for a church bazaar tomorrow. One of the things she was making this week was catnip toys. Can you believe she was working on them while I was outside? What if I had wanted some 'nip?? Luckily she gave me the tray and the bowl to lick out when she finally finished. Well, it was that or I was going to help myself and she knew it...

Yo duuuuude - that was some crazy good 'nip!

Do all y'all remember when the Squeakster did a PSA on using 'nip? I didn't until after the fact either...

Wanna see Momma's design wall when she's been around 'nip? 

Isn't it craycray busy? She claims it's cuz her brain works faster than her fingers. Seems like an excuse to me.

I think she wants me to tell you that the important part of today's picture is the progress on the temp quilt. She passed the half way mark a couple days ago. Did a little happy dance and everything. 

Ok now, my feline lovin' hexie-ologist friends - time to link up your favorite feline (well, other than me of course) and your latest hexie project. Extra 'nip for you if there is a feline in your hexie photo!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weekly Wednesday Weather Report #26 - 11/15/17

Do you realize that today marks the half way point for this little project? I can't believe it either!
Is it too early to start planning next year's temperature quilt??!!

I am soooo in love with this week's colors. Not only did we welcome dark purple to the family (and our first snow!!) but I just love green and purple together. The blues were a nice contrast.

I would like to think we will be spending more time in blue and purple (it is the middle of November after all and just 40 days to Christmas) but we are expecting 40s and rain this week. The "big" storm next week is still up for debate...

44 - 47 - 20 - 29 - 38 - 40 - 39F

Friday, November 10, 2017

Feline Friday - 10/11/17

My Momma is usually a pretty smart cookie but I think I won that award last night...

Before Momma fell asleep on the couch it was rainy and windy but it was ok cuz I was tucked into my chair all cozy in my quilt.

Eventually Momma woke up and went to bed. At last! I had downstairs all to myself.

Not 15 minutes after Momma crawled into her bed with those new red plaid flannel sheets that look so good with my furs did that siren go off. Normally I would run for the door and have a little middle of the night escapade until she came home. No way last night!! There was white stuff on the ground! Brrrrrrrr! I'll stay inside this time Momma!

Snow blowing off the roof at the ER
Before the plows sand the roads
When Momma came home she returned to those lovely plaid sheets but I was worried she was too cold cuz it was only 20F outside and she doesn't have a fur coat.  I thought I should do my part to get her warmed up so I planted my backside right up against her face. I took up half the pillow to accomplish this but I was persistent when she tried to move my furs out of her nose.

The pear tree is still GREEN!

In the morning we had a good view through the upstairs window/screen so I once again decided to stay inside while Momma ventured out to the ortho doctor for Mr Cranky Ankle and then to work. I think I scored again cuz I am home alone and warm and cozy! I'm sure I can get that food box open if I start to starve before she gets home...

PS - Thank you to all those veterans who gave of their time and lives in service for our country!